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Holy Cross Lutheran Church established its Early Childhood Center as a most effective means of providing a Christian beginning for children. Holy Cross views Christian education as a basis to sound life preparation, while focusing upon the individual’s relationship with Jesus Christ. Through the Early Childhood Center, Holy Cross strives to provide a variety of spiritual, intellectual, and social experiences which challenge each child to become a thoughtful and self-disciplined Christian, responsive and sensitive to the needs of others.

Holy Cross Lutheran Early Childhood Center exists:

  1. To provide quality child care for the parents of Holy Cross Lutheran Church and the community. The daily program will strive to meet the needs of each child as reflected by the developmental levels, individual interests, and general basic care needs.
  2. To recognize each child as a unique child of God with programs designed to meet the needs of the infant through school-age child.
  3. To provide a developmental program which is Christ-based. The program will nurture the spiritual growth of the child, promote his/her physical development, help him/her to become socially competent in relating to others and encourage emotional growth and control.
  4. To provide a developmentally appropriate curriculum with an emphasis on problem solving skills, sensory and motor experience, outside exercise and indoor play, language experiences, the fine arts and creative activities.
  5. To provide a support system for the family through a program which includes several fellowship opportunities.

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