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Administrative Boards

Administrative Boards do the work of the parish, whether it be establishing direction, determining individual tasks or accomplishing needed activities. Each board is provided its own operating budget and is expected to carry out its mission within these parameters. As the need for decisions arise, the appropriate board has responsibility to determine a recommended course of action and to present its recommendations to the voters for decision.

Board of Christian Schools

The Board of Christian Schools oversees the operations of the Early Childhood Center, Preschool, and Pre-Kindergarten programs, with the goal of operating in a way that enriches the spiritual lives of the students and families that attend, and benefits the church with outreach and witness opportunities.

Board of Christian Youth

The Board of Youth Ministry develops and promotes opportunities for youth and young adult members that allow for growth in spiritual relationships with Christ. The board fosters an environment of service, and social and spiritual activities for young people during their immediate post-confirmation ages.

Board of Church Properties

The Board of Church Properties cares for the physical facilities of the parish. This encompasses all property owned by the church for worship, education and related activities. Contracted work is administered by this board, along with organization of seasonal “work days” for the parish to clean, maintain and/or build facilities to carry out the mission of the parish.

Board of Elders

The Board of Elders is responsible for spiritual direction and discipline within the church body. The individual elders provide counseling and discipleship to members of the church and continually review the membership and its various spiritual needs, both personal and parish-wide. Each elder is assigned to a geographical area and the members within. Members are encouraged to call their elder with any concerns of a personal or spiritual nature, The Board of Elders is also the primary interaction point of the pastors regarding their performance and compensation.

Board of Parish Education

The Board of Parish Education provides the necessary means and facilities to accomplish all other educational programs, which includes such activities as Sunday School, Weekday School, Vacation Bible School, and various Bible classes. This board recruits and trains lay teachers.

Board of Parish Fellowship

The Board of Parish Fellowship plans and implements the various large parish gatherings that occur throughout the year. These include both the regularly scheduled meetings of voters as well as intermittent or special meetings necessary to conduct business or promote parish fellowship.

Board of Christian Mercy

The Board of Christian Mercy promotes opportunities for social ministry among members of the parish (both at the church location and other individual and community locations), recognizing needs and recommending and implementing both physical and spiritual services. Initiatives of this board include the monthly food drive each first Sunday of the month to collect non-perishable food items for the Metropolitan Lutheran Ministries (MLM) and Good Shepherd food pantries, working with Rachel House on a baby bottle fundraiser and diaper collection and organizing rides to church for members who are in need of transportation.

Board of Stewardship

The Board of Stewardship establishes means and methods to determine the spiritual gifts of the parish members, fosters their offering of these gifts to the parish and coordinates time and talent of these members in the conduct of parish business. Time and talent coordination includes both monetary and service stewardship.

Church Council

The Church Council consists of the President and support positions. The president conducts all parish meetings, carries out parish business and operations, has authority to sign legal documents when necessary and generally coordinates the conduct of the business of the parish. The officers of the Church Council include secretary and treasurer. All of these officers serve voluntarily.